Custom Post Type Filtering and form submission!?


I have a client whom we are currently developing a system for. One of the features is essentially a conditional form of which the stages dynamically change based on a custom post type. To give some more context, it’s essentially querying a number of solicitors across the globe who have a custom post each which is their profile with a number of features.

  1. User chooses a country (filters down to solicitors in the country)
  2. User fills in some information about their budget (filters down to solicitors who handle that price bracket)
  3. Shows the results of maybe 4 different solicitors.
  4. The user’s process ends here and then an email then sends out to those particular solicitors with the clients details to contact them.
  5. The information is saved in a custom post type as a lead.

The example has been given here if you click on Search:

Some of these elements i think would be do-able via Gravity Forms, but I am unsure!

Would be grateful for some guidance if anyone knows a plugin or similar which would be most suited for this!