Custom options missing for ACF Front Form Elementor

I bought ACF Front Form Elementor. Very usefull to created forms in association with ACF !
But, some new options and parameters are missing and avoid a perfect solution :slight_smile:

  1. When using a textarea field, the complete editor is displayed upon the field. I would be able to remove the buttons “Add media” and “Text/Visual” tabs for example, or the complete editor to keep a simple textarea field.

  2. It would be nice to get CSS options for each field of a form, to avoid adapt the style.css manually.

  3. In a nice and hypothetic future… It would be nice to offer to cut the complete form in several blocks, this could help to rearrange files into columns for example.

Thanks to any suggestion to correct point 1 of this message :wink:


The best way to get the support/suggestion is Contact your purchased plugin Author and let them know. Please check How to Contact Author and share with them.