Custom on duty scheduling plugin required

I’m building a website for a client that operates a busy spa. I will be using WordPress and Divi. They have quite a few spa attendants, so I will be building a profile page on each attendant that has their picture, their hourly rates and skill sets, such as Acupuncture, RMT (registered masseuse), reiki therapy etc. I need a custom Plugin that will show a weekly schedule showing the am Day shift schedule and the pm night shift schedule for the spa and which attendant/specialists are available. The schedule should also link to the profile page for each attendant that appears on the schedule for that day. This plugin does not have to actually complete the booking or connect to a payment gateway, it just has to show the schedule for the week and then link to each person appearing on that schedule. The main feature requirements is that it must be easy for the office manger to login and set the schedule for all attendants for the week.

I’m interested in having someone build this plugin for me.