Custom module for buzzy


I have been using the buzzy Version : 2.5.2 article script, and its going really great.

I am looking for two custom modules.

a) Paid submissions the ability to charge authors for article submissions, but with the ability to have some authors who are not charged
b) The ability to use the pixabay API to import articles.

I currently spend a lot of time adding images manually so an automated tool even if not for pixabay would be very useful.

I’ll consider a custom module if the price is competitive, we are a small company so don’t have a big budget etc.



  1. you want people to PAY YOU to be able to crate posts? Is this a blog or a classifieds type site?

  2. there are several free pixabay plugins

Obviously you need to test any solution for compatibility

Yes in my niche its common to have sponsored posts. Buzzy is a laraval framework product sold here.

What is the item link to Buzzy?

Is it not this WordPress theme?

No its a laravel frame script

Ah ok - then I suggest looking at for freelance help