Custom (Minimum) Prices will hurt marketplace in a future?

I have noticed that most of the new WordPress themes are selling nowadays for < $29. My question is - isn’t it going to hurt marketplace in a long term? The reason is that customers will expect to get a WordPress theme for these type of prices. And as you see most of the new items that were selling good for $19-$29 are unable to generate any sales with a proper price. So if you are a customer - what is the point for you to get to a marketplace and purchase a $59-$69 theme if there are hundreds of new fresh items priced at $19-29.

And authors should take a blame too, by selling a theme for $19 you are basically giving it away for free and the only one who is benefiting from it is Envato with their fixed fees. You basically end up developing a theme for couple months, then selling hundreds of copies for $19 while making very little from it and then you end up with hundreds of customers that you have to support for free, and the minute you raise the price - your sales stop.

In Australia, as in many countries, there are strict laws governing pricing conduct. In particular, it’s strictly prohibited to have an agreement, arrangement or understanding between competing businesses (such as two authors) about what price point to sell at. Think of this as needing to avoid any discussion on the specifics of how you’re pricing your item. How to price your work is a commercial decision you will need to make for yourself.

If you’re an author, please don’t discuss with other authors what prices you’ll be setting on your items (either on our forums or anywhere else for that matter).

Please see this Help Center article for more information.