Custom Logo, Twitch Overlay & Info Headers

I am a new streamer looking to make my channel look nicer…well, nice xD

My logo concept is a headset with two crossed trombones behind it (like a skull and cross bones). Colors likely a dark gray & brass-ish combo. Obviously the overlay and header images would match the theme.

I would really prefer to have the .ai/.psd (or Inkscape/GIMP) files delivered as well, in case I need to add more panels in my info or use the logo for another purpose in the future (e.g. printing cards or something of the like)

I’m not sure how much something like this typically runs around here. I was offered by some random, flakey kid on Twitter some obscenely low amount ($25), and I fully understand that such an amount is very very low for what I’m asking. I know I’ll be paying more than that…

My point is, I’ll need some direction in terms of what this will cost me.


After browsing some other posts, I found the Studio area. Looking like a logo averages from $60-$100 (a few outliers on either side).

That being said, and this is obviously flexible, I’d wonder if ~$140 for everything would be fair?

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send to me a message and i will do that for you and we will discuss the price :slight_smile: