Custom IOS Shopping App Request


Hello there everyone I am in need of a custom shopping app where people are able to buy the items they want. I am looking for an app that is similar to the IOS apps Wish and Aliexpress. But there is one thing that will be different. I would like the app to offer the option for “specified” people to list their own items. This would be an option the individual will pay for. But the main listings are going to be from us, because the selling option for people is a “premium” selection. I would like it if the customer could click on an item it would show a shipping time, price, related items and reviews. More needed options are down here.

Skype: brandonakabb


Complete User Onboarding Flow, Sign Up, Sign In, Various Home Screens, Various Browsing or Shopping Experiences, My Account, Order Status, Settings, Payment Information, Empty Cart, Full Cart, Edit Cart, Edit Items, Checkout, Checkout Payment, Terms and Conditions, Checkout Thank You, Customer Service, Contact View, Contact Form, Knowledge Base or FAQ, FAQ Article View, Navigation and Menu, Product Views, Product Filters, Store Locator, Store Map, Store Contact Information