Custom Header Color setting selector and certain Yes/No Theme options do not

I have been working on a website for a few months now ( During development, the site was accessed using I went live with it today and at the same time purchased a license for WP Bakery Page Builder (originally it (Visual composer) came with the Creativo them I purchased. I have noticed that when I try to set the “Show Page Title” to Yes or No that no Yes/No selector appears, but instead lower on the page a color selector appears. This happens for any of the items I attempt to alter under the theme options for a specific page., The main/general “Theme Options” color settings and Yes/No settings work fine.

i also noticed that the color option selector appears when I attempt to change the “Show Page Title” option to No or Yes. This strange behavior just started to happen after I updated WordPress to 4.9.1. The Creativo theme has also been updated. I just purchased a license for the Page Builder and activated it. What could be causing this strange behavior and how do I fix it? Thanks.