Custom Finance/Loan Slider Required



I am looking for someone who can create some loan sliders for me to use in a Wordpress website.

They need to function similarly to the ones on the Wonga website (, one for loan amount and one for number of days. and the loan amount to display in a box.

I have 10 loan companies that I need this slider for, all with different rates so it will go on 10 different pages, is there anybody out there who could create this for me and get it into my site? Is this even possible on a Wordpress site?!

Looking for prices and rough timescales if possible, I have all the data (amounts) to put in so happy to do that part myself.

Thanks very much



We would be more than able to help you with this but would likely need a little more information. If you contact us at our profile we can get back to you in much more detail.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Maybe this form calculator would be helpful?