Custom Dropdowns for categories and subcategories to add anywhere on the site

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a code or a plug-in that allows to me add 2-3 customized dropdown menus to any page on my site, for example on my home page.
Generally I want to add product categories dropdown menus
In 1st menu you have to select brand and then the second dropdown menu shows the subcategories of the main category you chose.
E.g.: In first dropdown I select Apple and in second dropdown only subcategories of Apple are available to chose from.
From 1st dropdown you choose brand; 2nd model

The flow should be: Choose your device: |Brands| |Models for the brand you chose|
Something like Apple > iPhone 11 or Samsung > Galaxy S20;

Attributes in products work like this, but I want to add this option for easier navigation

Thank you man!

I checked it. Looks great. i’ve always liked sites with MegaMenus

However I don’t see if you can add additional menus on whatever page on your site you want?

I need additional menu or attributes filter that is effectively a dropdown AND can be added on different sections of a page.
Can you do that with UberMenu?

Ask them.