$$custom design work or theme that fairly similarly replicates thehautepursuit?

We need a website that very accurately replicates the following blog/website:

We are looking for the website developer/designer or a possible theme option that offers similar functionality and design:

  1. cascading masonry posts (blog posts/photo stories/instagram buttons/shopify buttons)
  2. blog posts (post item template)
  3. Instagram image button links (instagram item template)
  4. shopify image button links (product item template)
  5. other (custom item template)
  6. infinite scroll and in addition
  7. setting up blog post light boxes for in depth read on story install
  8. getclicky
  9. jquery etc

If you are able to closely replicate the style and functionality of this particular website we would love to hear from you. Please take a look at the listed website/inspector, poke around, and see if this is something that you could code together. Also, especially take note on how the story/blog posts open up and the lightbox posts are formatted within the popup (see attached visual below). If this is offered in a theme that you may know of I would love to be pointed in the right direction!


Look for under personal in wordpress for themeforest, I’m sure you’ll be able to find one.

There are lots like this one.


After a long search of available themes I could shortlist two themes which are close to your requirements. Here’s the first one Fabulous and the second one, Expressivo.

The first one is lot closer but none of them come with the lightbox style blog page, it’s something that needs to be added either with a plugin or by adding the files and writing the necessary function and adding with a hook.

I will be able to help you build a site similar to http://thehautepursuit.com/, please send a mail to admin@isotopethemes.com.