Custom Dashboard Infographic for User



This may sound confusing so I will try to make it easy as possible.

I used to look for plugins for wordpress, to create a page with infographic, it could be anything with circle chart to bar chart. What I want to do is input data for user and it will automatically create a chart.

For example If this client has 5GB left out of 50GB then I want to able to create that infographic easily possible.

Every members get their own page with many dashboard alike.
Think of it like cPanel except I am doing all manual and no this isn’t some sort of cPanel.

  • Now on top of Custom Dashboard for user,
  • Username and password for protection for each user would be great
  • It doesn’t have to be wordpress plugin if they don’t have one, it can be just HTML, CSS & PHP.
  • It doesn’t have to show infographic either, it can be just plain text. Infographic would be excellent though