Custom Dashboard for Members



Hey guys how’s it going?
I just started WordPress a while ago and I’m so enjoying this plugins!
Ever since I finish creating a website for membership there is one thing I been looking for across the web/google and can’t find it.

Every Members gets their one page, similar like "USER PROFILE ACCOUNT PAGE"
But I want to add more stats which I am doing manually. But what if I can create forms for each members for whatever reason and keep that as records in their own profile/user/member page.

Right now with bar counter stats and gravity forms, I am doing so manually.

I want to know if there is a plugin that can ADMIN to USER communication through forms, message and stats, and this page keeps all history for user and for admin if possible.

Is there such plugin for that or even multiple plugin to work each other?
I am currently with Woocommerce Membership and anything that works with woocommerce membership would be great.