Custom Builder Template Font Size

Hi, I purchased the Builder template a while (years) ago :slight_smile:
I am at last beginning to use it and I find the base font size to be a bit tiny. So I would like to increase the font-size.
When reading the documentation it says:
The entire typographic grid is based on two Less variables in our variables.less file: @baseFontSizestrong text
I did a search witth Agen Ransack and there’s and I can’t find baseFontSize anywhere. And I can’t find any file called less or something.
Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks


For any technical query about template functionality the best choice will be contact template Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased template Author, template author will be happy to answer your query. Also you can check template documentation.


Thank you for your quick answer. I did check the documentation. It states about that baseFontSize and less variable which I can’t locate. Also I tried to edit the docs.css which the documentation says to be the main css. There are some css classes I could successfuly edit but not te one about the P tag font_size which is the one I am interested into.
Thank you for the link I will try to contact the author.

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