Custom Animated Flash Header For Enjin Forum (Star Wars)


I’m looking for a custom animated flash header similar to the following--

I want it to be more aligned towards ‘Republic’ and look as good/if not better than the header from that website. I will need the full source code as well.

Either using assets from the game:

Or the cinematic trailer:

What I want:

  • Republic based header-- make the focus around Republic Troopers, Jedi, etc. (not Sith)
  • Glowing particle effects, blinking eyes, glowing lightsabers, etc. See the example above
  • Full source code when completed
  • Alternatively the guild is more 'fun' and called Honey Badgers-- alternatively creating an animated flash banner related to honey badgers (possibly a honey badger holding a glowing lightsaber, etc.
  • 1100x175 pixels

Any questions please feel free to ask. I will pay based on the hours worked. However not looking to pay more than $40. (This is negotiable if the header is amazing and BETTER then the example header above.