Custom Ad module, PhpFox.

Project: Ad Module

Description: I did a survey of companies that I want to advertise on my network. 98% said they want a flat price per month. They’re sick of random charges, cpm, cpc, cpi, whatever it is. They want to know exactly what they will pay every month. I need an option for a cost per month as well as the ability for it to rotate through all available ads for the month. Most want simply a photo thumbnail ad, that hyperlinks to their store or site.

Additional Information- This needs to work in the Nebula theme for PhpFox 3.7.7, block 3, as I don’t intend to upgrade to v4 any time soon.

Time Frame- Negotiable. I’d prefer as soon as possible so i can get my site monetized, but I know these things take time.

Budget- $15-$100 for a single user/single end product sdd-on purchase.

Please delete this if you can, moderators. We’ve decided to go in a different direction, as the users would rather fund the site themselves than to have ads. Thank you!