Curved display of the author profile page for a smartphone!

Hi guys! I noticed that the blocks of pictures (for example, pictures of collections when I write them in the profile text) on the smartphone displayed crookedly, that is, not blocks of 3 pictures in one line but 1 in a row and to the right is an empty space (if 4 pictures, then only 2 pictures are displayed per line and an empty space on the right). I looked at some other profiles of the authors of AJ and somewhere the exact same size pictures are displayed normally, but somewhere it is also crooked (same as mine).
How to optimize for smartphone?

The irony is that Envato is using a web template that they themselves probably would have rejected because it’s not responsive aka mobile-friendly. Blank spaces, odd nonproportional scaling, badges shoved at the bottom…It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.