"Currently processing uploads" of my dreams.

Hi everyone! Visibly the review process is a little bit problematic for the biggest part of the authors.

Here is a screenshot of how, from my point view, should be the “Currently processing uploads”.

Folks, what do you think about that?

This was discussed many times before, but Envato refuses to do this, and it is very unlikely we will get something like this any time soon (if ever).

It was like that a number of years ago. They removed it for a reason so I doubt they will put it back.

I don’t think there would be a realistic way to predict the time left until review. I think Envato took out the queue position because they prefer us not knowing how long the queue is which just created many threads / complaints about it.

Apparently there are many different “queues” and items can jump between queues or overtake one another based on the type of item and the current reviewer(s) who are online. So it isn’t possible to show the “position” in the queue and work out exactly when the item will be reviewed. However they could certainly show the currently average processing time for that particular type of item.

This is my situation.
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