curl error 28: connect() timed out!

Hi, I have a problem with installing demo data on a bluehost sever and I get this error “curl error 28: connect() timed out!” when the images are fetched. On other server and localhost everything works fine and the images are fetched but on bluehost it won’t work.

Sometimes only the first request returns ok but the body is still empty, and more request made after the first one returns the above error.

I’ve tried to import the data using wordpress’ importer but it fails too when trying to download the images.

I use the wp_remote_get function from wordpress to retrieve the images.

Has anyone encountered this problem or I’m missing some additional headers to wp_remote_get function to make it work for bluehost.

Thank you !

You could change the PHP settings if you have the panel but I’m pretty sure that it’s because of the hosting issue
If you need, I can provide “Installation service”