Curious about this rejection - Typeface

Hello everyone,
I have just had a Hard rejection on my latest typeface submission, and I must admit I am a bit confused as to what the reasons are…
I was wondering if anyone on this forum my have some insights or suggestions!

hi to be honest , i am not an expert in typo making lol so hard to tell u what is the problem with this one, but as designer for long , for me the typo looks fair but the thing is that your presentation is really problem making , buddy … u have a combinations of deadly mistakes that either do not allow u t value your job but also make u get into lethal violations. Contrast is not ok. The text are not valued and sometimes hardly readable and some of the choices u made as regard to “showcasing your typo” are cool but they get in the mix with some other things that bring nothing at all and thus u take some impact away from these elements

Hello ‘n2n44’,
Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. I am indeed wondering if the rejection issue was the presentation or actual typefaces; I did not think the presentation issue would warrant a Hard Rejection but maybe it does…
Kind regards,

hi Michael, pls call me Nico
indeed, this is hard to determine … technical issues are not bringing hard rejections but as for presentation , without having a 100% guaranty, i would rather say “yes” as they are considering that the presentation is the first interaction that the buyer and the seller have and that this is impacting on the attractiveness of the product and thus on the commercial potential on an item …

Hi Nico,
Thanks again for your input on this issue. I had asked Envato some questions about Elements and it would seem that my typeface was rejected by mistake. It has now been approved and included to my page. So not really a clear answer but this question has now been resolved…
Best of luck on your side,
Kind regards,

hi Michael, wow this is the very first time that hear about such a story … u must be unique to face something like this lol :slight_smile: