Cup Invoice - Pro Invoice Management System

Y put this message because I bought today Cup Invoice but it is hard to install, they do not give instruction to install and you change your page where I can contact to you about one product. I have been send request to the author but do not respond and I rely need make this to work. Can I got my money back or credit to get another?

Hey there, I see you already posted your question on the item about 3 hours ago. Considering it’s a weekend I suggest you should wait for a few days before asking for a refund as I can see the author replies to all his comments.

As you can see in the item comment section at the very top, the author provides support for the item but can take up to 5 business days to reply to comments.

You can however also request a refund, but I suggest waiting for the author to reply to your comment as he can reject the refund request. Give it a few days then post a refund request if you’re not getting any answers.

Yes I have seen, take to long to respond, I like to got billing program working by now. If you have seen I bought another (Simple Billing…) but I have problems with invoicing and do not respond the author. Is the reason I have to bay another.

Hi Evato,

I think I want my mone back of this item this is hard to install, the Author answer but give me not show me how to do installation process, If you give my money back I will use for another script

Use the links I provided you in the first post for your requests! Cheers! :slight_smile:

Where I can post to got my money back, or I have insurance on my back can I make a claim from my bank?

Dear Moderators,

Sorry I saw the thread already. He sent me a support request and I already replied the messages hundreds of times. But, The issue is about the person who bought the item. Documentation is working and As you can see many of people are using cup invoice and they have not got any issue on install or usage… He is sending not working credentials to me then complaining about the installation.