Cubase 8.5 Pro in Christmas Gifts... oh... wow...

After 6 years of passion for music and hard work, this year my family has gift to me Cubase pro 8.5
I’m very happy and emotional… Merry Christmas to all!


Wow, I wish I was in that family at least for this Christmas :slight_smile:

me to :laughing:

yeah I’m shocked :smile:

It’s a great piece of software, now you will be unstoppable :wink:

Nice! Enjoy :wink:

Amazing!!!that’s a really nice present from your family :smile:

What an Amazing gift, I’m planning to upgrade to cubase 8 it’s a really great software more stable ASIO and Vst performance , render in place and many more… :slight_smile:

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Cubase 8.5 is able to import tracks from other projects. I don’t know about you guys, but this is something that almost makes me cry :slight_smile:

yeah! When I bought cubase 8 pro after many years of using FL Studio it was a big surprise! The best DAW!

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The most important thing to me (from the video showcase ) is the averange performance load compared to cubase 7 , far more better. Kontakt is a demanding vst so i need this upgrade , the other new feature is a plus.

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Very nice gift indeed. Enjoy :smiley:

As a C 8.5 Pro user, I can say you get very very nice gift from your family :smile:

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greets! it is time to switch to Reaper! ))))))))