css to resize page on template i paid for

Hi i paid for a website template from this website at start of the year for me but at time i didnt have the skills to edit the template or even know where to start. So last few months i have been reading and testing out bits of code and have got my self to a point where i think i’m ready to start editing the template for my personal use.

Anyways thing is when i paid for this i was using paypay with my old broadband provider email address that i know longer no or have access to so cannot find for the life of me the transaction id or number. And i don’t wanna have to pay again for this when i have already paid for it if i can help it as cash is tight for me. I don’t know if file was downloaded with original but with the template i got when i open it in different browsers sizes it dont change but stay the same unlike the version that is for sale. After speading around a week trying to find out why this is happening only to be told its missing a css file that resizes the browser window depending what device it is viewed on.

Is there anyway somebody can help me get this file? I dont wanna have to pay for template as it should of been there like the one for sale. I didnt order via this account it was in my other account i no longer have access to. Or at the very least am i able just to pay for the css file? The file i’m looking for is responsive.css any help would really help me out big time as i just know have the cash to buy a new template. Thank you
template link

Have you still got the ZIP file you downloaded originally (not the unzipped version)?

Not to sure i’m be looking for files but when i unzipped file i copyed all files and it should be with all other css files but its not there. Was around start of jan or late december got it.

Getting back into your account:

I would suggest contacting Envato Support, but you’re going to need to get into your PayPal account first. You should contact PayPal support and they can use personal info to try and find your email and get you back on it.

Then, you can contact Envato Support with transaction details to get back into your Envato account.

Ok thank you

I am assuming that you bought the item as a guest too and don’t have an envato account (no buyer badge) which is something to let support know too.

Hi no account i used when i paid for item was set up with my old internet provider and i have lost accsess to that so dont really have any proff that i paid for item. If i pay again for this will i get the responsive css with it this time. Dont wanna pay again if its missing. Thanks

This is a question best for the theme’s author. You can ask here: https://themeforest.net/item/videomag-powerful-video-html-template/7979834/comments

But the theme claims to be responsive, so if you do buy it again you’re pretty much guaranteed to get it.

Ok thank you for your time and help today. Cheers