CSS marker

How can we do this with CSS I can’t figure it out? There is also a white border around it, it is possible to do this with CSS?


Sorry a bit confused? If it is the image you are talking about, then it should be a PNG or GIF with no background colour. But if you mean this is a Google Map Marker, then does this link help?

I need to create that png that I showed you with CSS, the circle with pointer and border, and the icon I will add it with svg .

So basically I need this icon done with css

I’m not a fan of writing CSS, especially not shapes, but I imagine that it will be pretty similar to how these arrows are usually implemented with CSS. Just apply some border radius to the box, right?


Thank you but I need that exact shape with a border… difficult task…


Why can’t you just use a PNG image? Sometimes its best to keep things simple?


But here is something might help get you on the way:

Or this link:

Hope that helps you get the answer you are looking for.

Thank you but I did it with svg …

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@FWDesign well done - now you’re not going to keep all the knowledge to yourself are you? LOL but seriously glad you got it sorted. Best wishes.

I would have shared the code but it makes not sense is just a svg file :slight_smile:

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I’m just kidding bud - but glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile: Look forward to seeing the final thing in action. Best wishes.

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