CSS Grid (browser support)

Hi TF Community,

I’m currently working on a theme for WordPress and I was wondering what browser support you guys take care of. since IE12 is now around a 3% usage worldwide I was wondering if its time to use CSS Grid ( supported by all browsers expect IE12 * edge in ‘preview’ )

I strongly believe that CSS Grid is going to be the next web standard. In that case should I start using CSS Grid for my theme project?

  • I expect the theme will be finished mid summer 2018

When its market share is less than 1%, Themeforest will not require it.
Anyway, TF doesn’t require it, it doesn’t tell that users won’t need it.
Remember we have developing or poor countries so it depends on the niches you choose to move forward as well.
(For example: if you work on Charity Category, you should support as many browsers as you can as their PC is not powerful or modern enough to run latest OS).
Just my 2 cents.


I am not sure if I am correct

CSS grid is a front end framework right ??
Can you please share the details about it

CSS grid layout is a method in CSS that is added a year ago. Its an easy way to define a grid structure just with CSS so no need to use a grid framework anymore.

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every grid is css grid anyway, even masonry

Those grid have massive limitations though.

For example I have a normal grid like this

–[Sidebar] — [Content] —
--------- [Meta Data] ---------
------------ [Footer] -----------

But On a tablet I want to show it like this

------------ [Content] ----------
--------- [Meta Data] ---------
----------- [Sidebar] ----------
------------ [Footer] -----------

In every CSS framework grid I need to write a special section in HTML for this. Change the order of my elements.

With the CSS grid method I can just say in my CSS in what section my element needs to be.

I suggest watching this video that explains why this is so game changing.

CSS Grid Changes EVERYTHING - Wordpress Conference 2017

I love CSS grid and i’ve nearly finished building a theme using it. I cant see a problem with using it as you can have fallbacks for old browsers anyway.

Any updates here? Has anyone submit the theme with CSS-grid layout? I am in process of creating a new theme with css-grid and only “problem” may be with ie11 but looks like using prefix ms will fix this (i will try it this days).


It looks like:


property does not work (in ie11) and ie11 is still one of required browser here.

Have you managed to upload your CSS GRID based theme?

Yes and not had any problems using it.