CSS error in Wordpress

Hello All…

I just buy teh port template…
And in all the the wiki there is a special download for Worpress.
Only i do not have this dowload option.
So what files do i have to upload in the WP section, to get no .css error.

Hope there is some…

That is a Magento file and NOT a WordPress theme so it will not work with WordPress

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So i did buy the worong template??
Is there a solution to get porto in to my wp site?

Or do i need to change some settings?

Settings will not solve this.

The author has a WooCommerce version so they may be willing to refund this copy and allow you to then buy the WP version.

I’d reach out to them (form bottom right if you are signed in) https://themeforest.net/user/p-themes

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