CSS before meta tags in page source

i am using Avada theme with fusion builder. When i check view source code for my website i see all the fusion related code(CSS) on top and everything else is at bottom of page which is header. Is there any solution i can fix this and does this have any impact on the website?
website is - [https://nationalcarparts.co.nz]

I know for support i need to purchase the subscription. But only if the team can fix my issue.

Please let me know. Sorry if this is not right place to post this.


Meta tags can go anywhere in the head, order does not matter. You could have a thousand scripts and stylesheets before them and it still wouldn’t matter.

If you still want this changed for whatever reason, such a thing isn’t covered by support. I mean, Avada may be willing to help, but they aren’t required to. You can ask in the item comments whether or not they can help, otherwise you’d want to hire someone to customize it, perhaps from Envato Studio.