CS5.5 and 'missing' effect.


A buyer contacted me asking where and how can he install the ‘CC page turn’ effect. He says he has CS5.5. My template was made in CS3 and I have not extra plug-ins installed, just CS3 out of the box. Why would this effect not be in CS5.5?


Maybe the client has a trial version of AE and in most of those versions CC effects are not included.



I’ve seen this question in a forum before. He could be using a pirate version of CS5.5 (could be!)


Thanks. I’ll let him know.


If you use CC effects in your projects, it’s a very good idea to mention this and to mention that users of the trial version will not be able to use this effect… either that or pre-render CC layers.

There are a lot of buyers who appear to be using the trial version.



This page has details of the trial version and how it has changed for After Effects CS5.5: