Criteria for Featured Items on Audiojungle?

Hard not to come across as over-critical here, but I’m seeing a number of low quality tracks enter Audiojungle lately and was wondering if the standards had been lowered. I understand it’s all subjective and all, but really??

Also, I’m a little confused about the criteria for being featured - is it really about quality? Isn’t the goal to feature commercially viable, high quality tracks? If so why do almost none of the tracks come close to some of the other top sellers? Sure, occasionally the staff (or whoever chooses the tracks) makes a super great pick, and that track usually sells loads by the end of it, but for every great track there are at least 4-5 that are, in all honesty, really average. Almost random. I have heard tracks put on the front page that I myself would have rejected…

So what’s the deal? There are many amazing tracks on Audiojungle that deserve to be seen (and sold!), but instead I’m seeing more and more mediocre (bad mix, repetitive, low quality, dated) tracks.

Without calling out specific authors or items, I couldn’t help but notice that one recent featured item had no fewer than 10 clones of that same track in the author’s portfolio. (And there are undoubtedly more. I just stopped counting and gave up…) I mean… do the staff even bother to look at the authors’ portfolios?

Which begs the question - who exactly chooses the features - and what really are the criteria?

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long time ago did this meme :grinning:
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This might help you -

The above applies to items more so than the featured author spot.

Featuring items is a joint effort between different teams, e.g. Marketing, Quality, Review, and different features may be suggested, selected and set as such by people on those teams.

One thing we’ve learned over the years is you can never please everyone. Some authors clamour for more variety, to expose different styles, Other authors clamour for top commercial potential items not to “waste” slots. Some authors say give promising newcomers exposure, while some say don’t ignore your established non-elite veterans etc etc… So there’s a fair bit to juggle to maintain a balanced community directive. Everyone has a strong opinion so at the end of the day, there are some hits, some misses, depending on who you ask, but there’s only one slot at the moment.



Thanks for the reply, I’ve read that before, and in theory it’s all well and good, but it doesn’t explain how items which are objectively sub-standard in terms of composition, or have major mixing and production issues, or by authors who essentially upload the same piece of music (with minor variations) multiple times, can somehow be deemed worthy of winning the Audiojungle “lotto ticket.”

If you take a look and analyze featured items, you would see criteria of selection.
First, the mood and genre/category of track. It is mostly happy/inspiring, corporate (not a genre, but whatever), and indie rock. So we can say that Envato represent mostly such a way of music standarts on its market. So if you write electronics, cinematic music, downtempo, ambient and other stuff I am not sure there are big chances to be featured.

I dont know is it bad thing or not, but sometimes I do not understand such a logic to put in one line almost similar tracks,moreover, some of them not selling at all. Why such tracks being featured? I do not know.
The one thing I could say for sure, this is not the thing you should bother about, because you can not affect it somehow. :wink:


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Maybe I wasn’t clear enough.

What I’m asking is - Why are there so many featured items that are just “OK”? Not outstanding, not amazing, just average.

It’s in Envato’s interest that the front page spotlight slot be reserved for top quality, professional tracks. Not “good enough” or “OK” or the same as 10 other tracks in the author’s portfolio.

At the risk of sounding a bit harsh, I have to say I scratch my head at some of the features sometimes myself. Not that they’re terrible or anything, it’s just that there are some awesome tracks out there that never get to see the light. There are only 52 spots per year, and many fantastic tracks have been chosen, but at the same time I can’t help but raise my eyebrows at some of the tracks that have made it there.

Looking at the author’s portfolio of one of the recent features, it’s a bit disappointing to see that it’s riddled with clone tracks. And I’ve seen a couple of other authors with hundreds of tracks that sound like carbon-copies of each other. Is this really how Envato wants us to build up a portfolio…? Anyone can have hundreds of tracks in their portfolio if they keep uploading the same track.

I have here, “old” account. And I thought about it


Accounts extremely large number. And you can get lost in the music.


People who do not know that the “quality music” it is, or who do not want to waste your time for searching this musiс - are likely to buy from top authors

the third:

the vast majority of the top authors - those who were at the origin of this resource

A high quality portfolio. A new author with just a handful of files is unlikely to be featured
Has shown incredible consistency in quality throughout their portfolio
Perhaps the author has had one or two recent “hits” – items that have sold well
Consistent sales
A growing portfolio of items
Good community member
Catches the eye (or ear!) of reviewers with something unique
Has numerous items suitable to the week being featured (Halloween week, Christmas week etc…)
We rarely feature authors twice but some of the very top authors have achieved this.
There is obviously a large amount of luck involved in the Featured Author process: With SO many authors and SO many incredible tracks but with only 52 spots per year (once per week) it’s unfortunately impossible to feature every single author. But hey, we try. :slight_smile:

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I guess everyone here read this post of @scottwills
In fact this list has nothing to do with reality of featured items. Envato has lots of great authors who are great communtiy members, made contribution to communty and have great portfolio, but it is still does not work for some of them.
But this still might works if it is about featured auhtor (thats what hes actualy talking about).

This thread is about Featured Items and their quality requirements, not Featured Authors.

Well, my track “Looking at the stars” was featured 1 year ago, and it’s not a commercial piece, not a happy-inspiring-upbeat track.
I had only a few followers and only a few sales.
So everything is possible :slight_smile:

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Luck is the main reason!


Sorry to be “that guy” but with so many great items and talented authors that go unnoticed here on Audiojungle…Am I the only one who finds it absurd (not to mention pretty unfair) that some authors have TWICE had featured items? Is there really no one else worthy of this honor, in the eyes of whoever decides?

A great author who upload quality music constanly and almost with 300 tracks… in my opinion he deserves.

There are literally thousands of worthy authors with tens of thousands of worthy tracks on Audiojungle which have not yet been featured. Certainly, ONE of them was worthy of the honor.

Of course, since you’ve already had a featured item, you’re already ahead of the game.

¿And what if this happens to you some day and you are featured twice? You want people moaning about your succes? Jus think about it :wink:

Should that ever happen, I would completely expect it, by all means. Like it? Probably not but it would be completely justified. You see, fairness and logic are objective. And with so much outstanding talent available here on Audiojungle, even MY being chosen twice would be neither fair nor logical.

Some of the ones you are referring to had 2 featured items because of a contest. The prize was to have a featured item, even if you had one before.

I didn’t “refer” to any specific authors.

Obviously - there’s no problem whatsoever with contest winners. I’m talking about authors who have NOT won any competitions.