Quick question. If i want to deposit $500 or $1000 in my envato account ca I get a statement for the amount that I want to add and not 5 statments of $200 ?

I am asking because as time passes by, I keep getting more and more plugins and themes and all of them require a yearly fee and I don’t want to keep adding money every damn month, which I forget to do.

Also regarding the expiring credits, I understand that the 12 months can be extended to another 6 months,so if I extend in my 11-th month I extend with 6 months the credit, I will end up with 16 months ? I understood right ?


You would need to talk to support about doing that.

For what it’s worth you won’t need to keep renewing yearly fees for plugins and themes as this is not necessary.

Usually if credits are over a year old then all you need to do is contact support and they can reactivate them.

Hey there and welcome to the community forums! You can get all the information you require in the Buyer’s Guide to Your Statement Documents and also if the information there is insufficient you can always open a Support Ticket where you’ll get even more assistance from the Envato Help Team.

It’s also worth mentioning that indeed credits expire after one year but if you request via support they will be reinstated to you. So they don’t just vanish into thin air. There’s more information about this in the Why do Prepaid Credits Expire article. Cheers!