Credits for bought Audio-Files on a CD


I’m producing an Audio-CD an use sounds which I have bought from AudioJungle.
How must I credit the used files in the CD-Booklet (for example like a picture credit?).

Would the following credit sufficient?

Sound(s) used in track 1: prosoundfx/

Or are there any other regulations?

Thank you very much!

Best regards



Crediting the music licensed through Audiojungle is not required.

However, what do you mean by Audio-CD? Do you plan on turning the music tracks into songs (with your voice recorded over)? If so, that’s a big no-no, I’m afraid.

Hello PurpleFog,

no I won’t use music tracks with recored singers.
I will use soundeffekts like breaking pottery for example as background effects in selfwritten music.

Best regards

Great, in that case, it’s all good :slight_smile: