Credit expired..... What?????

I went into use credit I purchased at Graphics River and saw it expired last month. So credit is only good for 12 months apparently…use it or lose it!!! This is ubsurd. I feel like I’ve been stolen from. The principle of this is just wrong! I can’t even find a customer service contact on the page to ask for it back.

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Contact support, they’ll reinstate your credit. It’s some legal mumbo jumbo, a company can’t keep the credit for longer than a year for some reason. You’re supposed to get warning emails before it’s gone.

I don’t believe for a second they can’t keep credit on the account. My bank has no problem keeping my money in my accounts after 12 months. Heck, I have Starbucks gift cards that are a few years old and still work. It seems more like a way to try to make additional profits.

I already contacted them so we’ll see what they do. It wasn’t even that much money. It’s the principle of the business practice that make me mad. Right now, I am 50/50 on whether I will ever buy from this site again.

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It says on the add credits page, just underneath where you choose the amount you want to add, “credit will expire after one year”. It also says that in the Envato terms and conditions, and that if you contact them as soon as your credit expires, they should be able to reinstate it. That’s what you’ve done by the sounds of it, so hopefully that’s what they will do.

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I also heard about this. So you deposit money and quickly buy stuff, otherwise the balance will go blank.

Also I don’t know why we’re supposed to wait 15 days until the next month to get our “withdrawal cash”.

But again, I’m no accountant or lawyer or expert in legal matters. It might just be the law.

If envato was a bit larger, there would certainly be a class action lawsuit. Companies like Groupon and LivingSocial have been sued and lost for expiration of paid credits. In the US, the law is in favor of the person buying the credits. If too many people lose their credit in the envato marketplace, the horrible policy will change. Just because they say credit expires doesn’t mean they can do that. The explanation their support gives is the following (directly from envato support):

The reason that deposited credits which are unused for a year expire, is because a small percentage of our users leave deposits in their account for very long periods of time and unfortunately, we can’t be responsible for holding deposits indefinitely.

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Right or wrong, I would imagine that as long as the buyer agrees to the T&Cs that explain this then the reasoning becomes far less relevant and would probably make little difference.

Right or wrong, Groupon had credit expiration in their TOS, and they’ve lost a tremendous number of lawsuits. Time will tell.

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