Credit Card Checkout Option for US Buyers

Hi muse_master,

As I mentioned the previous offering was a trial and was only ever intended to run for a very short amount of time for us to gather data. This trial allowed us to look at the conversion benefits as well as the significant fraud risks posed to Envato and authors.

We’ve been working hard to negotiate the necessary arrangements for a marketplace the scale of Envato Market as well as introduce much better fraud detection and prevention. We’ve now achieved this with our US bank but need to go through the same process in Australia where banking systems operate quite differently.


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Okey Cool - thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling:

Uhm wait… you are telling us that reason why you moved to US is to implement visa and master and because of that we are loosing money on taxes?

And you presume that sales will go up because of that on i don’t know what analysis… in trial mode did the sales go up, I did not notice anything special.

All of this just smells on envato throwing sand in to our eyes to cover I do not know what kind of tax manipulation. Guess Australia is more expensive than us.


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yep, we need those number, increase or descrease :slight_smile:


Hope it benefits everyone!


It’s a little bit early to predict, time will tell.

Personally, I think it will benefit all of us.:slightly_smiling:

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Nice move. Waiting for more US buyers.

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Much awaited.

Thanks so much. Isn’t it available for global users? What about Stripe?

Hi anps,

I’m sure you can appreciate that creating a new company entity in another country is a large effort and more than just implementing credit card payments. However due to the way US banks operate it has allowed us to deliver this faster to US buyers which is a benefit to Envato and authors. When the community succeeds we succeed. In our A/B trial we saw an increase in sales with the credit card option available which is why we want to offer this as soon as possible.


Hey surjithctly,

We evaluated a lot of credit card processors before making our decision. The reality is that when you have multiple companies in different countries even if you go with one processor (such as stripe) there will be differences due to the banks in each country. In our case it made more sense for authors and was faster to start with the US. It is in everyone’s interest that we get this rolled out globally so we’re working hard to do so with the Australian banks.


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I can appreciate the work done but at what cost?

The statistics you guys are making are well bad. You are watching the overall traffic increase. But by % who gets majority of it? You sacrificed so much time and authors money which we have to pay for Taxes and you are telling me that the reason for that is visa and master option? Do you really think, any one that has some years on envato and some stats on to work with, will believe you?

We did not notice any increase to be honestly we just notice decrease. All the latest implementation you guys are making did not make any significant growth progress. Any in any case you do not need to be a great analytic to notice that the growth stopped or well slowed down drastically for Envato also.

In my eyes 95% gain will go to Envato with some tax manipulation or some other way. To be honest I tough there will be much more behind this so it gets me thinking what could it be to make you go trough all this major processes to get to Us.

For example in our country maestro is the most used card. And all the local biggest shop have it I suppose some other payments methods are in US also. But to go trough all that for Visa and master… really?

Wee need a bit more reassurance to swallow additional taxation. We are your suppliers and you act like you do not care.

If Cocacola asked for additional stats from Walmart they would get it.
So concluding this Envato is the one who is gaining the most of this in my opinion we just well… do not know how.
And the transparency of envato is lately well bad considering as i mentioned we are the suppliers.


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Hey Anps,

As I mentioned we also expect an increase in conversion from being able to offer US buyer to US company transactions. These are not stats we have made up but industry facts that decline rates are much lower from the banks in these circumstances. Compounding this with the increase in conversion we saw from our credit card test and our recent improvements to the first purchase experience we hope will benefit all authors.

We’ll be looking at more payment method improvements that can benefit the community from both our US and Australian company in future of course.


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Fantastic! I can’t help but wonder how many people are turned off by simply not being able to punch in a quick and easy credit card. Excited to see if this increases sales.


The move to US was for simple reasons. IRS was after them for quite some time. They had to do something about it. Stories had to be made up, PR teams were active etc.

Happy to see CC checkout back. Even if it’s just for US buyers who already had no trouble with PayPal guest checkout, it’s still a good first step towards card acceptance…

This might help with the sales. Looking forward!

No support for American Express Credit card :frowning:

This did not work but I got charged.

I tried to purchase an extended license. It would not accept my credit card (visa) so then I tried Paypal. That worked however. We when we finally got the confirmation of purchase I click the download and I get the following error message:
: “As a security precaution you need to confirm ownership of your PayPal account to access
Envato Market.
We’ve sent an email to which contains a link to re-enable your account.”

After about 30 minutes we finally got a text message but not an email. We confirmed it via text and I still can not get to my download my purchase.

Can someone please get this to work before I have to ask for a refund from PayPal?

Oh and BTW I can no longer log into my account even though I went through the process of resetting my password and verifying my username. to or So luckly I am logged in on a different computer still but not for long.


Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Please open a Help Ticket or see this detailed thread on what may be happening.