Creation of VST

Hello! Guys…I’m interested in whether I myself can create a virtual VST tool? Does this process is difficult?
What do I need to do? What programs?

The fact that - I decided to create a virtual instrument VST of harmonica. And what - I do not know :slight_smile:
So I decided to consult with the musicians. Maybe here there is someone involved in this question?

yeah just use kontakt from Native Instruments to do it. It doesn’t involve actually making a VST plugin since kontakt already is the plugin. You just map your samples within kontakt. there is plenty of info online about the basics of how to do this.

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For making your own sampled instruments Kontakt is definitely the way to go. Once you get to know how the engine works behind the scenes (routing, groups, sample playback etc.) it’s quite versatile. There’s a pretty good reference manual to guide you.

It’s possible to program stuff in Kontakt too using KSP-scripting if you need some custom functionality that you can’t do with the built-in controls. But that’s a completely different thing and you need to know Kontakt pretty much inside out before KSP-scripting makes any sense.

Programming VST plugins … don’t waste your time unless you’re a math genius who really wants to get into hardcore C++. :grin: But if that’s who you are, many VSTs these days are developed using the JUCE-framework.