creation of a portfolio

Can I create my portfolio on GraphicRiver with the logos which I have created but after taking inspiration from videos. Is it possible on this platform.

Submissions have to be original work and it would depend on the level of inspiration and what the original design was.

BUT fundamentally if you cannot create entirely original and premium standard designs then you are almost certainly going to struggle both generally let alone technically with submitting items here.

I have had created many types of logos but the main content is entirely designed by me but the design is not original. Actually, it is very very difficult for me in creation of brand new designs and also at this age of 60.

You cannot create / submit items that use someone else’s design, regardless of if you created a new file including it.

This is a commercial marketplace so the implications and risks around copyright can be quite serious.

hi, well if the thing is yours only because u have « executed the concerned logos » this s very unlikely to be ok as some people may complain that u cheat them and cool their items, not to mention that the logo category is one of the most coveted ones - as regard to the price of logos - and there is many people in town, a very wide catalogue of products , in other words, expectations are high nowadays due to all what people have created beforehand …