Creating YouTube Channel

Unearthing my noob-ness here :smiley:

Wondering what the best practice would be to create a YT Channel for my AJ music catalog, i.e., is there an advantage/disadvatange in creating an entirely new Google presence as “SpinTone Music” or just create a new channel using my personal Google account? I’d like to keep my personal presence on Google completely separate from my AJ presence, but if it’s just a back-end thing where I’m the only one who can see the connection, I’m cool with that. Does that make sense? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


Well, I think Google+ is a complete mess. To keep it completely clean I would create a new SpinToneMusic gmail/Google+ account.

There are quite a few settings you need to be a detective to find and then turn off to completely hide your original Gmail account.


Man, you are not kidding. Google+ is ridiculous…terrible editing and not intuitive at all. Would expect more from Google. Thanks for your advice.


Bloating of UI seems inevitable for mega companies, having too many resources working to cram in functionality while at the same time assuming a counter-productive “minimalism” of sorts making it impossible to find your way around. A few notable examples come to mind.

  • Windows - started off as a quite simple Mac OS ripoff, developed into world domination and has now turned into a incomparable mess of inconsistency and “where is what”

  • iTunes - great small program the first few years, then they added way too much crap and even though I’m an avid Apple fan since the 80’s I couldn’t even make Apple Music play more than one song on repeat. Where are the playlists? How do I find anything? Impossible to navigate.

  • Facebook - loved it from the start, hate it more and more for every year. Everything that used to be easy to understand is now just a clutter of ads and “supervised” timeline feeds. On my iPhone it’s just unbearable. The only worse thing I can think of is Google+.

Didn’t mean to hijack the thread :sunglasses:

OP: I made a separate “Stockwaves” profile, I can’t remember how I did it other than it was messy, but now it kind of works and it’s definitely better to separate the worlds IMO. Same goes with Facebook. If nothing else because I don’t want to flood my personal contacts with new AJ tracks :wink:

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