Creating Menu and Photo Gallery for Kalium Theme


I hope I have put this question in the right forum category. I have the Kalium theme and I am using the Freelance
option. I just want a simple website with the following menu pages: Home,
About, Services, Portfolio and Contact. Right now my site only has a menu with
two headings “All” and “Print”. I had checked the documentation but I still
don’t know how to add my pages to the menu. I went into customize your theme option but
I don’t know to add these pages.

I don’t know Visual Composer but if some could please
tell me how to use it to create a simple gallery of images on the home page that link to the portfolio
page, I would appreciate it. I would like to use the social icons in my footer.
I see the short code that I should use but I don’t know where to place it. .


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Hi @charmsie

If you need our support please just write a ticket on our external support system.

Take me to item support >

We will be glad to reply your comment there :smile:

Thanks for your understanding!

Kind Regards,
Ylli from Laborator