Creating for the clients help

So im starting a webdesig/development company and i have some questions.

  1. Is it better to use wordpress on website for landing pages / static content or should i code it in HTML CSS JS ?
  2. Is it necessary to have a framework and theme functions inside the wordpress admin panel ?
  3. It’s something non-professional if using Drag&drop plugins like visual composer for managing the content ?
  4. It’s ok if not using drag & drop plugin to code the whole landing page as a page template ?
  1. Yes, WordPress is the best choice for designing websites and landing pages.
  2. You can use a premium theme as a starter theme which comes with a theme options panel to build client websites.
  3. No, Visual Composer makes building website easy and it also has countless number of extensions using which you can add variety of elements to your webpage within a few minutes.
  4. No, it is fine, you can using Visual Composer to build your entire website. Almost, all premium themes come with Visual Composer pre-packed and are fully compatible.

Wordpress has ready made templates and can easily push the site to live .
You need to have expertise with php ,html,css,js as some functioanlities are not easy to build with wordpress and takes more time to build compared to frameworks .
Wordpress is good for simple sites but not for complex solutions.