Creating affiliate website


I want to create an affiliate website which shows multiple products from many producers - it’s not an e-commerce website.
The main target of this website as you understand for the affiliate website is provide many informations about products such as the period of big sale, the lists of products on sale, the discount code used for buy online and the bestsellers. When customers click one product it’ll redirect to the producer’s website.
In my website, I have some pages

  • products: lists all the events/posts related to each products the customers choose from the menu
  • products on sale: lists all the events about products are on sale and the period.
  • discount code: lists all the discount codes (from 30-50%, 50%+, <30%) which the producers prodvide to the customer for using to buy online some products.
  • bestsellers: lists all the products which customers buy so much

I wonder about the website design that i’ll build as a blog posts or an ecommerce without shopping cart module. And do you have any idea for the theme that i can use for my website.
Thanks you so much