creating a track using an audio file

ok so im new to using somebody else’s song
i have purchased this :
and i have written some lyrics and placed my vocals over the track along with a video i have created right.

i don’t intend to ever sell this song but i will use it on youtube and all my social media sites.

i want to make a few of these so lets say up to 12 videos using this same song but different character

i want to know if its safe to alter what i said in the track to make up the 12 different characters of Halloween

so instead of talking about a pumpkin in my first video. ill talk about a ghost in the second. then 10 other monsters to make that series. you will understand once i send over the file

ive read somewhere that a series can be up to 12. so of course i wont pass that limit.

another thing im not too sure on is what i can call the track when i upload to youtube.
so i was going for:

Have You Ever Seen A Pumpkin Song | Brand New Nursery Rhyme & Kids Song | Abc Play TV

i just want to know if this is okay. as im not selling the song but i obviously need to name the track for my youtube of course

i don’t know if there is anything else i have left out.

oh yeah you know on youtube i have seen people use end screens to promote a next video or 2 or whatever right

the track ive bought has 4 different variations

im using the main song witch is like 1.25 long

can i use the same song again but the version that is 30 second for my end screen with maybe my video playing in background with just the 30 sec instrumental.

and/or isit possible to use a still image from my video image i created with the 30 second version of the song i bought for the end screen.


You can use this song but remember you are not able to re-sell it.
Here you will find about AudioJungle item license

Hope helped!

While your 12 videos could be covered by either the variation or series policies, unfortunately for you, the license terms specifically prohibit putting lyrics/vocals on top of an Audiojungle track to turn it into a song.

However as you don’t intend to sell the track as is but rather use it in a video, there may be room to argue your case. You’ll want to ask support for confirmation.

thanks I have put in a message to support regarding this.