Creating a sub forum for feedback topics

Hi guys. What do you think about creating a sub forum for “feedback” related topics? It could be accessible from the main aj forum page as a pinned sub forum.

This way we could clean the mess and make important topics more visible. @KingDog what do you think? Is it technically possible?


It’s certainly possible from a tech standpoint :smiley: I’ll talk it over with the team. It would probably just be a question of how specialty fragmented we’d want the forums to get.


Great, thanks!


That’s actually an absolutely awesome idea! :thinking:


It’s very useful for us, RedOctopus!

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Hi @KingDog, is there any progress? :slight_smile:

I brought it up :grin: There was a bit of confusion if it was supposed to be for feedback on Author’s items or feedback to give to Envato?

Feedback for Author’s items of course :slight_smile: Millions of millions topics every month :slight_smile:

Perfect! I’ll update them :joy:

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Hi @KingDog, any updates?

We’re going to be monitoring the item-feedback tag for a bit to see how much traffic it might get. Right now it’s not quiet enough, but I’ll be trying to tag feedback posts so we can get a more accurate look.

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Ok, thanks! If you don’t mind, I will help with that (I am no able to change tags so I will remind you about that in posts).

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I’ll see if I can boost you so you can add tags :grin:

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