Creating a left or right sidebar in the Total Theme

Hi Everyone,
Using the Total theme and none of the templates offer left AND right sidebars. Is it possible to build one with a plug in or extra code. Please don’t link me to any paid plug-ins. All I’ve been able to find are custom sidebar plugins but those don’t introduce a NEW sidebar. I appreciate your help!

OK, so how do I go about getting a refund for the Total theme? The fact that I can’t use right and left sidebars renders the theme useless to me.


If you have problems with your purchased item, I strongly recommend you to contact the author forsupport. In this case to reach the author of Total theme please access this url:

But firstly, my suggestion is to check the documentation of the theme. I’m sure you can find there info how to use left/right sidebars on pages.

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We also have a full guide here: - that explains why it’s not included by default and how to add it if you want.

@WPExplorer Nice of you to reply but this thread is over a year old!

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