Creating a Community



Hey there!

I have a question…
I need to create a site that has membership registration, I used any template? Or should I look for templates that have community? Like this


It depends on your requirements and technical skills.

If you have he expertise to add the membership functionality either as a custom feature or by properly integrating a plugin then you can use whatever you want.

If that sounds daunting then maybe look at something with a functionality in place - again this depends on what platform you want to use, complexity of membership options etc.

Bear in mind that if you plan to charge people to be members and use the site then you need an extended license which will increase the cost quite a bit for some files.


Thank you so much for your reply.

Indeed, I want to create a web betting and this requires make a subscription channel. Luckily my partner are a developer. But we have little experience in WordPress and didn’t know if we would any template or if it was necessary to search for a specific.

Do you think wise to ask the author of the template, before buy it, if it’s adequate for what we need?


VERY much so - always ask first.

If people need to pay to use the site then you will need an extended license so thousands of $ not $59.

WordPress is great but you might want to be cautious when it comes to trying to do something like this on the cheap or cut corners when there will be a lot payments and confidential personal information.

The level of security, encryption and so on would normally be way above what any stock theme (irrelevant of the payment portal being used) can provide, and even if you find a theme with membership you will almost certainly have a huge amount of customization to do to manage profiles, bets, payments, profiles etc.