Create your own Screenshot sharing Cloud ? Time to good bye Cloudapp or Dropl ?

In this tutorial i will show you how to make your own personal cloud screenshot sharing. We need a hosting or VPS support ssh login, and copy file after we taking a screenshot on mac (Command + Shift +4). Here is example of final

so i have a domain is point to our server in /var/www/public_html/ with server IP is:

Follow step by step at the bellow

Generate your SSH key and copy it to your server.

You will need to use the command line to change the save location of screen shots in Mac OS X. Thus, the first thing you’ll need to do is launch the Terminal app from /Applications/Utilities/ to get a prompt.

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Your ssh key has been generated in ~/.ssh/ Now copy your ssh key

cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh user@ "mkdir -p ~/.ssh && cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"

Now you can go ahead and log into user@ and you will not be prompted for a password. However, if you set a passphrase, you will be asked to enter the passphrase at that time (and whenever else you log in in the future).

Create shortcut alias of SSH config

in command line type

sudo nano ~/.ssh/config

then add with content


Host tabvn

  User root

  Port 22


ssh config

Now go ahead and type ssh tabvn if you want to login to your server with ssh. instead of ssh username@ -p

Change Where Screen Shots Save on Mac

we need change the folder that screenshot file will be saved when we taking a screenshot on Mac, simple type this command

defaults write location ~/Pictures/Screenshots/

killall SystemUIServer

Using Automator

Automator is powerful tool on Mac. in this tutorial we will create new automator workfollow and run a shell script with folder action, meaning it will detect a folder ~/Pictures/Screenshot there is new file saved and will copy that file into your own hosting.

open Automator in /Aplications/ , or you can run this command to open Autormator app

sudo open /Applications/

From Automator application select File -> New  -> Folder action -> Choose

Now on the left sidebar Library select Ulitities-> Run a shell script

On the top of folder action make sure the folder select is ~/Pictures/Screenshots

In run a shell script enter this code:



TIMESTAMP=$(date +%s)

cd ~/Pictures/Screenshots

cp “(ls -t | head -n1)" ~/Desktop/"(ls -t | head -n1)”

scp “$(ls -t | head -n1)” tabvn:/var/www/public_html/$TIMESTAMP.png

echo$TIMESTAMP.png | pbcopy

afplay /System/Library/Sounds/Glass.aiff

rm “$(ls -t | head -n1)”


Now need set notification. On left sidebar "Libary" -> Ulitities -> Display a notification

So we are done. Now save Automator workfollow and enjoy! , take a screenshot by press all : Command +Shift + 4

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