Create your own box of products

I’m looking for something that allows me to create a ordering service like “create your own box” so for example I will have 3 or more main products, let’s say BOX 1 - price £10 - allows the customer to add 10 (sub)products in the “box”, BOX 2 - price £15 - allows the customer to add 20 products in the “box”,
BOX 3 - price £20 - it’s a box already made with the products predefined by me, let’s say contains 20 items.
If the customers select the BOX 1, the next step will be to redirect him to the products page where he can add 10 items, and after the limit of 10 was achieved he will have the possibility to upgrade his box and add more items or go to checkout, in cart will show as a product BOX 1 and what the box contains. The sub products will also have filters for the allergens, as I’m selling snacks, so will be nice for the customers to filter.
Any ideas? Thank you.

Hi there,

Do you want to make it using woocommerce or any other script ? I can surely help you developing this functionality.