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Hi @ToryWorld! Simple copy and paste the Elements item URL into your post and it will automatically convert into the nicely formatted preview. :slight_smile:





NIce work! :smiley:

Theme: Love them, Save them, Save Coral Reefs!
Used Items From Envato Elements:

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what about the hand & water links ?

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Photography Website

Demo Link

Items used:

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An adoring hand from Human Race towards Turtles showing love as they help to protect the coral reefs (underwater). Water bubbles are just effects to make it more engaging!

Yes i understood the concept, it’s good, clean & deep, i meant is it legal to use other pictures as you did with the Hand, water, coral & fishes ? Other photos except that they gave us !

We just went through the rules again @zohierdesigno . Didn’t find any rules about it. I think you can use any images you want without violating copyright issues. Is it alright @scottwills ?

Title: Broken
Used Items:

Thank You!

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Its took some time but I make it. Like if you enjoyed to see it. Thank for watching.

Based on:

Item used:



@zohierdesigno @themecop Hey guys, as long as you use one or more of the items we’re providing for you, sure, you can mix in any other graphics/image assets you would like to use - just be sure you check the licensing of those images or play it safe and work with images/photos from Elements. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hey guys, how do you make the thumbnails with frame? Which code? I’d like to share my work too but it won’t work, thanks in advance.

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Hi @AudioBlend

  1. Just click on the item thumb
  2. In the next page, hover on freebie group and go next clicking at right side button
  3. Now, you see all the freebie thumbs. Clicking on them will go to the page where you get the link. Just copy URL from this page and paste
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That’s Cool. :slight_smile:

WILDLIFE Photography Magazine Cover

Item Used:

Thank You for Watching!


Gracias! :slight_smile: