Create team member

Is there a way for me to invite another envato customer I know personally to work with me on a website project?

Currently there’s no collaboration feature on Envato, though it has been talked about and requested a few times over the years. I’m not sure if there are any plans to implement it.

What sort of feature are you looking for?

It could be as easy as just giving a trusted partner/co-collaborator/employee your login information…

Thanks for your reply.

Well yes, if you want to do that you can. There are plenty of authors that are actually teams of people that share the same account, but so far there is no way for two different accounts to “team up”.

You can sort of do it on Envato elements but sharing logins on the main marketplaces is not allowed (otherwise envato can’t stop multiple individuals downloading items/updates whereby the author loses out)

Thanks! I’ll look into that. Very helpful!