Create script update installer.


I sell a food ordering system script on CC. So there are customers already using the script. Now i want to provide them new script updates. I am thinking of creating an URL which will update the script with new updates. Is there any best practices to follows ? How i can i provide only updated files ? and how to copy updated files to exact location ?


Hi there,

Usually you must update your script with latest code directly on CC.

The package customers will use to download needs to have the latest version of the script.

Aditionally you can create a Folder/Document, you can name it “How to Update” and add instructions to copy new files from new updates on their current installation.

For example create a document “How to update from v1.1 to v1.2” and tell your customers to copy all files from folder v1.2 over their installatiion(Folder v1.2 will contain only new files from v1.2)

And so on for each version. Its a bit overhand but its a solution if your script does not have an update feature. Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

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