$$ - create Script to convert HTML or RTF into HTML format required by CSS


I have a 3rd party application which is used to create a timeline of events, it allows for adding images, tags, and attachments to each event. This application will then output the time line into an RTF Text file OR an HTML Slide Show using predefined CSS.

My Goal - Is to take the output from the RTF or HTML, and run it through a script that will take the data and output into a new HTML file with usable format based on existing CSS Timeline templates.

Please message if you are interested in more information. I will send you the Output files as well as a sample of what the revised HTML should look like, along with all CSS, JS files


Thanks. I know html and css but do not have time to write the script.

Anyone available please inquire


It has been 9 months since he/she posted. :stuck_out_tongue: