Create product demo yourself or use ready-made solution for building demo?

Just curious. Developers are frequently asked about the demo/trial of their products and they say that it takes much time to develop demo so customers need to wait. Basing in this information our team developed special tool for creating trial and now there are a few sales only.

Even despite great plugin options you get being a plugin administrator: adjustable trial lifetime, automatically cleaned-up demo accounts, user-role control, emulators to preview the product on various devices, statistics and notifications, shortcodes, built-in MailChimp automation, full documentation with various hooks etc, the plugin sells quite slow.

Could you kindly share your thoughts about your own preferences. Do you prefer create the demo yourself even if it takes much efforts or use ready solution?

Really appreciate your feedback.


Its really a nice work.

i was actually thinking of creating a demo for all of my plugin.
i think i would use it.

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Dose your product provides admin access with limited menu access ?

Thank you. We are ready to help you if you have any questions!

Please checkout my post above.

Sure, WordPress Mutltisite network administrator is able to set restrictions to user roles, so you can limit user access to particular pages and posts. Please check out this screenshot for more details:

If you want to check all screenshots, please find them directly on the product’s page: